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The 21st Saint Petersburg International Banking Conference.

Our company Swiss Forfait s.r.o. has participated on 21st International Banking Conference, that was held on 13-16 July, 2016 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. 

St. Petersburg International Banking Conference has traditionally been one of the main international financial forums in Russia .

The conference program included discussion of a wide range of issues relating for example to financial instruments, such as trade financing, which have found wide use in a crisis period.
This year the conference was attended by over 200 delegates from 18 countries, including Russia, CIS countries, Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Mongolia, Czech Republic and others.

Thanks  to this forum, where our company has been participating for several years , we are able to acquire a number of potential partners and customers, mainly through Russian, Belarusian and Mongolian banking institutions.

Find more information about this conference on http://spbconf.ru/about/photogallery/1421/

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